Monday, April 28, 2008

The Season Gets Underway...

Spring on Tilghman Island is defined a bit differently than in other spots...and we kind of like it that way.

The local watermen are busy on the boats, scallop rigs come off and clamming rigs go on, crab pots can be seen loaded on the back of pick ups and trailers on their way to the dock, there is painting and repair and new flags are run up.

The talk at the local fuel dock is of water temperatures and first crab catch.

The boat yard is buzzing with sanding and scraping and the smell of bottom paint going on. The travel lift is in constant motion as one Captain after another deems his vessel ready to go into the water.

The opening of local Rockfish season puts a new face on our Island as well. The harbor, quiet over the long winter months is suddenly filled with boat trailers and the ramp is a steady stream of visiting fishermen launching their boats.

All of this creates a feeling of excitement and anticipation of another beautiful summer season on The Eastern Shore.

We are not immune to this....I have eagerly anticipated the beginning of the boating season since about February...and now here it is.

The motor vessel Sharps Island was launched April 15th and we are quickly approaching the point we will call 'finished' and ready to carry passengers.

This Saturday, May 3rd is our first run. Leaving the dock on Tilghman by 0630hrs we will head over to The Annapolis Maritime Museum for a day of docent training aboard the boat and at Thomas Point Lighthouse.

The following Saturday, May 10th we run our first Passage Trip on the Bay, visiting 5 of the historic lighthouses.

I am looking forward to another fantastic season and the opportunity to share the beauty and history of The Chesapeake Bay and all she offers.

Welcome aboard!

Captain Mike