Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sharps Island/Tilghman Island Fathers Day Trip

A great way to spend Fathers Day. This was the first year that we ran a trip on Fathers Day and it was really a great experience.

We traveled out of Knapps Narrows into the Bay and South to Sharps Island Lighthouse. The families were entertained with narrative about the Bay, The Poplar Island restoration project, local fishing and crabbing methods and our abundance of Bay Wildlife and waterfowl. The younger children were quite interested in the Captains helm station and had many questions about how he knew where we were. You're never too young to learn the fine art of navigation!

After traveling around the lighthouse and telling some of it's tales and history we ran up the Choptank River and the East side of Tilghman Island and came in under the drawbridge.

The nesting Osprey population has provided us with ongoing entertainment this season as we have the privilege of watching them build the nests, wait patiently for the babies to hatch, fiercly protect the new babies from the gulls and ever threatening passing vessels. Now the babies are big enough to sit up on the edge of the nest and call eagerly for the next meal. Soon we will be treated to first flights...both failed and successful!

Thanks so much to the families who shared Fathers Day with us.

We are always happy to consider private bookings for special family events, reunions, office outings...just give us a call to discuss rates and your date.

Capt. Mike

29 June 2008 Thomas Point Shoal Light Tours

Another beautiful day on the Chesapeake Bay!
A fantastic group of folks came aboard for the chance to visit Thomas Point Shoal Light up close.
We were treated to some of the amazing weather that has hit us this summer...sunshine and a fantastic Bay breeze. We were also able to take in some fantastic shots of the Sailing vessel 'Woodwind 2" as she came out of the Annapolis Harbor.

No matter how many days you spend on The Chesapeake she is never dull...ever changing and full of surprises.

We will continue to take interested folks, history buffs, curious visitors to Maryland and Lighthouse fans alike, out for the chance to climb aboard Thomas Point Shoal Light through the end of September. Call us now to reserve your spot for this unique opportunity!

Captain Mike