Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day weekend 2010

Much thanks to all of our enthusiastic passengers this past weekend! It was great to get out on the water to celebrate this, the first official weekend of our 2010 summer season.

We started our holiday with a sunset excursion on Friday evening...mother nature wasn't very cooperative on the actual sunset end of things but we did get our 'adventure ' on the return south as the wind picked up and the seas grew vigorous.

Saturday brought us some beautiful sunshine and a great Tri-light trip ...lots of shipping traffic on the Bay.

Sunday beat all with amazing summer temperatures and a full day of sun and spray..we ran with 16 passengers on our Passage Trip, taking in 5 of our local historic lights. The Bay was alive with sailing traffic and loads of people enjoying the holiday weekend...

All in all a terrific start to the 2010 summer season.