Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunset and Great circle Trips June 25 & 26 2010

Yet another terrific weekend out on the Chesapeake Bay. We are still early in the season and have already had the opportunity to meet so many great folks on board the boat...

Friday night we had the privilege of celebrating an 89th birthday...actually 2 of them ...twin brother and sister..89 years young...and they were treated to a beautiful sunset as part of their birthday trip!

Saturday brought us to our first Great Circle trip of the 2010 all day trip to see 10 of the Northen Chesapeake Lights...the weather was beautiful...

winds out of the south kept everyone on the foredeck cooled off with ample spray..and they were all great sports about the salt water spa treatment! The camera equipment brought on board was quite impressive...We look forward to some of the pictures

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